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Omantel Announces Partnership with Elevatus for Artificial Intelligence Video Assessment

EVA-SSASS developed by Elevatus has enabled Omantel to assess more than 2300 applications in a week and has increased its return on investment upto three times.

Oman-based telecommunication company Omantel announces partnership with artificial intelligence solutions developing enterprise Elevatus to enable AI-powered video assessment. 

Omantel plans to use Elevatus’ artificial intelligence video assessment technology to scan huge numbers of internship applications designed for generation Z talents. The technology is capable of assessing over 2300 applications per week. 

Omantel officials said the artificial intelligence solution was able to achieve a conversion rate of more than 80%. Elevatus, in the past, has successfully provided many artificial intelligence and automation solutions to businesses operating in various industries. 

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The London-based tech company was founded in 2018 by Yara Burgan. “In this digital era, we are at the epicenter of agility and innovation. However, every advanced technology needs an agile team behind it. Omantel’s team of leaders and forward-looking managers seamlessly engaged, adapted, and utilized EVA-SSESS innovatively throughout the entire process to yield lucrative results,” said Burgan. 

She further added that the company believes the success of its technologies depends on how the users engage, interact and utilize them. Elevatus is proud to see new businesses adopt artificial intelligence and automation solutions to connect and interact with users. Omantel witnessed a three times hike in its return on investment and a twelve times faster assessment speed after this strategic partnership. 

The General Manager of Organization Planning at Omantel, Ibtihal Mohammed Al Riyami, said, “Omantel takes pride in being a market leader that continuously strives to adopt new innovative initiatives in the market. We are rolling out unique, intensive, and interactive training programs that are designed to enable new Generation Z talent to participate, contribute, and play a vital role in building the future of Oman.” 
He also mentioned that using Elevatus’ EVA-SSESS platform, they were able to connect and engage with the new generation of users. Omantel is one of the leading telecom companies in Oman that also serves as the primary internet service provider in the country.

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