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Odisha Engineers Develop ‘Borewell Rescue Robot’

Three young engineers from Odisha have tried to solve the problem of children falling into borewells as they develop a Borewell Rescue Robot. The state of Odisha and others around it have faced several instances where children have lost their lives due to falling into open borewells.

Being concerned about child security, Sisir Mallik, Biren Kumar Pradhan, and Lingaraj Pradhan has made a unique robot that has two fitted fans. The lower one will provide oxygen to any child who is trapped inside the pit, while the upper one will blow the toxic gases away. 

Sisir Mallik said while mentioning a recent mishap with Tanmay Sahu, children fall into borewells as they are left open. This incident inspired the three friends to invent the robot.

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The borewell rescue robot is fitted inside an iron frame that can be stationed at the borewell’s mouth while the robot descends inside the pit using a cable. Using a fitted camera and waterproof lighting system, people and rescue workers around the borewell can analyze the whole situation. 

Biren Kumar Pradhan said, “Our effort is to prevent such [borewell] deaths and help in the rescue with the help of robots.” He also added that the borewell rescue robots they are developing could rescue kids within 15-20 minutes.

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Disha Chopra
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