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Creta Reveals Four New Blockchain Games for its Web3 Ecosystem

Creta, a web3 video game developing company, reveals four novel blockchain-based games for its web3 ecosystem. The game is called “Kingdom Under Fire: The Rise.” It comprises a metaverse, a one-stop gaming destination, and a Super Club blockchain community service.

Creta is a renowned game developer, popular in the Korean market and supported by several industry leaders like the Yield Games Guild (Japan) and Yoshiki Okamoto (the company behind Monster Strike).

Creta announced the games at Creta Summit 2022, held in Tokyo, Japan, an event that several blockchain enthusiasts and web3 gamers attended. Creta showcased the gameplay footage of the new blockchain games to unravel the look and feel of the avatar-based setup. 

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Ray Nakazato, Chief Creative Officer of Creta, said that after a while, some characters and collectibles present in the game will be turned into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and can be traded. He added, “The game will be playable in seasons, and data will reset at the end of each season with an opportunity to transfer player NFTs to a new season.”

Kingdom Under Fire and other games developed by Creta will be released and played via the company’s tailor made gaming platform similar to web2 games, but with an additional metaverse layer. This layer would allow social interaction and economic features for NFT utilization.

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