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NVIDIA Advances Instant AI with North American Availability of Base Command Platform

NVIDIA has partnered with NetApp and Weights & Biases to launch its new Base Command Platform that uses DGX SuperPod to deliver best-in-class performance.

Multinational tech company NVIDIA announces the availability of its artificial intelligence base command platform in North America. This platform will enable businesses to process vast amounts of data using advanced computing infrastructure. 

The base command platform is a hosted artificial intelligence development hub that provides instant access to high-performance computing resources for enterprises. The platform uses NVIDIA DGX SuperPod to deliver the best possible performance through optimized artificial intelligence workflow software. The platform is now available at a monthly subscription in North America and Canada. 

Head of Enterprise Computing at NVIDIA, Manuvir Das, said, “As enterprise AI adoption grows, so does demand for faster access to the world-leading infrastructure offered by NVIDIA and our partners. Base Command Platform makes it easy for enterprises to instantly access the power of an NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD to accelerate the AI and data science development lifecycle.” 

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Businesses will now be able to develop and train models and effectively manage them using NVIDIA’s artificial intelligence platform. The price of the monthly subscription of Base Command Platform starts from $90,000 with a minimum of three months subscription that allows customers to use a maximum of 20 DGX SUperPods. 

The platform also supports NetApp’s services to allow customers access to high-performance storage requirements for accelerated artificial intelligence computing. NVIDIA has also partnered with Equinix to provide the support of more than 220 data centers operated by Equinix for its Base Command Platform. 

Weights & Biases will provide MLOps software that would offer various features like experiment tracking and model visualization for NVIDIA’s platform. CEO of Weights & Biases, Lukas Biewald, said, “Pairing the immediate access to NVIDIA’s DGX SuperPOD AI supercomputing offered by NVIDIA Base Command Platform with Weights & Biases’ MLOps experiment-tracking tools means that AI developers will be able to work with incredible efficiency as they solve complex problems.”

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