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Google Announces New Tensor Chips For Pixel 6

The new Tensor chip will use artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to provide better image processing and unique features.

Tech giant Google announces the launch of its new custom tensor chips with Pixel 6 by the end of 2021. Google has designed an in-house System on Chip (SoC) that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning for its Pixel smartphones. 

The chip will power two upcoming pixel devices, namely Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 pro. The smartphones are expected to be launched in October 2021. The company claims that the custom tensor chip will deliver an unmatched and innovative artificial intelligence experience to its users in many fields like photography and performance. 

In a recent blog, Google mentioned, “Over the years, we introduced features like HDR+ and Night Sight, which used artificial intelligence (AI) to create beautiful images with computational photography.” 

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With this new chipset, the firm wants to up-scale the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide the best features to its customers. The company designed the chipset after scrutinizing the way people use smartphones now and how they will use them in the future. 

The Tensor chip will also feature a new security core and Titan M2 to provide maximum security in a smartphone possible till date. The blog mentioned, “With Tensor, we thought about every piece of the chip and customized it to run Google’s computational photography models. For users, this means entirely new features, plus improvements to existing ones.” 

Google has planned to change the rear design of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 pro with a new camera module to accommodate better and bigger image sensors. The font has been kept similar on both variants of the smartphone. 

Three color options will be available to choose from for both of the devices. The smartphones will come with Android 12 and will use Google’s Material You technology to provide an esthetic user interface. 

This new technology of Google uses mixing color science and advanced engineering to provide better color schemes, immersive animations, and a new design framework.

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