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NSF Collaborates With Amazon For Its Program Of Fairness In Artificial Intelligence

The National Science Foundation (NSF) recently collaborated with tech giant Amazon for its new ‘program of fairness in artificial intelligence.’ NSF announced that it would provide a fund of $20 million to researchers working towards developing solutions for the ethical use of artificial intelligence. 

Thirty-five independent researchers have already benefited from this joint initiative of Amazon and NSF. The National Science Foundation has now opened the submission of fresh applications for 2021. 

Amazon will provide a part of these funds but will not actively participate in the screening and selection process. This program would help freelance researchers display their work on a global platform and will help the United States government to adopt those solutions to unleash the full potential of artificial intelligence. 

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Researchers were given the funds who addressed research areas like the use of artificial intelligence to promote equality in society, developing solutions to ensure everyone benefits from it, accountability and transparency in artificial intelligence algorithms, and ensuring fairness in AI technology. 

Vice President of Alexa natural understanding at Amazon, Prem Natarajan, said, “As artificial intelligence technologies become more prevalent in our daily lives, AI fairness is an increasingly important area of scientific endeavor. And we are delighted to partner with NSF to accelerate progress in this area by supporting the work of the top research teams in the world.” 

He further added that they are very excited to see this year’s selected researchers whose efforts are informed by a diversity of perspectives. More details of the NSF-Amazon program can be found on the official website of the National Science Foundation.

Information and intelligent systems division’s director at NFS, Henry Kautz, said, “Understanding how artificial intelligence systems can be designed on principles of fairness, transparency and trustworthiness will advance the boundaries of AI applications.”

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