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Deloitte Launched New Artificial Intelligence Research Center In Australia

Deloitte had recently announced that it had a new artificial intelligence and machine learning research center in Melbourne, Australia. With this new center, the company plans to develop artificial intelligence solutions for the public and private sector industries. 

Consulting partner at Deloitte, Dr. Kellie Nuttall, will lead the research institute team as the national Analytics and artificial intelligence leader. She said, “The CSIRO estimates that digital technologies, including artificial intelligence, are potentially worth $315 billion to the Australian economy by 2028.” 

She also mentioned that the company’s institute would help Australian enterprises and the government adopt artificial intelligence systems by bringing many innovations to the country’s artificial intelligence ecosystem. 

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The researchers intend to collaborate with data scientists, futurists, corporate leaders, and budding STEM talents to conduct research to address vital challenges faced by businesses and propose amicable solutions. Deloitte Australia was recently awarded the SAP Partner of the year title for its efforts to digitize government operations and the healthcare industry. 

CEO of Deloitte Australia, Adam Powick, said, “Artificial intelligence has always held much promise for improving business and society, and this promise is now being realized, with the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology over the past few years.” 

He further added that their vision is to help their customers connect with the global artificial intelligence ecosystem in order to deliver the best outcomes, along with upgrading their technology to implement artificial intelligence systems for the public good. 

Deloitte wants to make artificial intelligence accessible so that everyone gets an opportunity to benefit from its new technologies. Australia’s Minister of industry, science and technology, Christian Porter, said, “This plan will ensure artificial intelligence is used and developed to practically improve our lives, guided by appropriate security and ethical considerations.” 

The company had earlier opened numerous artificial intelligence research centers in countries such as Canada, Germany, China, and the United Kingdom.

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