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Novarad and CureMetrix to develop new AI-driven Mammography solutions

The integrated product would reduce reading time by 30% and improve cancer detection by 27%.

Enterprise healthcare solutions developing company Novarad partners with artificial intelligence-powered medical imaging products developing firm CureMetrix to develop new AI-driven mammography solutions. 

With this collaboration, both companies plan to integrate their products to launch more capable solutions. Novarad’s imaging tools will be integrated with CureMetrix’s artificial intelligence-powered women’s health suite of tools for mammography. 

The new product will be distributed in various regions throughout the United States. Novarad will be the exclusive distributor of the integrated systems for small to medium-sized imaging centers and hospitals across the USA. 

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The solution will drastically reduce the reading time of mammographies by 30% that would result in early diagnosis of breast cancer patients. The solution will also bring down the false positives by 60%. 

Novarad’s director of product, David Grandpre, said, “By integrating these highly trained, proven algorithms with our existing mammography offerings, radiologists will be able to streamline their workflow, reduce false positives and enhance their ability to diagnose breast cancer earlier.” 

He further added that the company’s vision is similar to CureMetrix’s goal of supporting women’s health. Coremetrics is a United States-based artificial intelligence company that was founded by Navid Alipore, Homa Karimabadi, Kevin Harris, and Blaise Barrelet in 2014. 

According to the company, it is the global leader in artificial intelligence for medical imaging. Coremetrics products help healthcare practitioners to accurately identify and classify any anomalies in mammography. 

CEO of CureMetrix, Navid Alipore, said, “CureMetrix solutions will enhance the performance of physicians using Novarad’s outstanding platforms, improving both clinical and financial outcomes both now and well into the future.” He also mentioned that their integrated solution would aid radiologists in diagnosing breast cancer at an early stage to decrease fatality chances.

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