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NASSCOM and Microsoft announce 2nd ‘AI Gamechangers’

The winners will be featured in NASSCOM's flagship Xperience AI Summit's annual 'AI Gamechangers' compendium.

Technology giant Microsoft and NASSCOM announce their 2nd AI Gamechangers awards to boost artificial intelligence adoption in India. 

The newly announced award program will provide startups, enterprises, academia, governments, and NGOs a platform to showcase their innovations in the artificial intelligence space and also promote the adoption of such technologies. 

In India, over 5,000 AI patents have been registered in the recent decade, with 94% of them filed in the last five years. Therefore, initiatives like AI Gamechangers will also motivate other companies and bodies to develop new products and showcase them in front of a larger audience. 

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The winners will be featured in NASSCOM’s flagship Xperience AI Summit’s annual ‘AI Gamechangers’ compendium. 

President of NASSCOM, Debjani Ghosh, said, “India was ranked 8th in the top 10 countries by AI patent families on a global level, an impressive accomplishment considering India had no AI-related patent filing prior to 2002.” 

She further added that AI has enormous growth potential, but realizing it will require scalable partnerships among stakeholders, the correct mix of skills, a strong focus on incentivizing R&D, data availability, and rules that enable responsible AI. 

By 2025, data and AI might add $450-500 billion to India’s GDP, accounting for 10% of the $5 trillion targets. Therefore it is important that initiatives are taken to prompt the adoption of artificial intelligence solutions in the ever-developing world. 

National Technology Officer at Microsoft India, Dr. Rohini Srivathsa, said, “We have a huge opportunity to make AI work at scale for the country, enabling investment, jobs, and inclusive growth.”

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