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Morpho unveiled Image Processing And AI Technologies At Intel Evo Event

Morpho’s new image processing technology comes with many high-end features including Morpho Video WDR, Morpho Video Denoiser and Morpho Auto-framing that can easily run on Intel Evo platform-powered computers.

Image processing technology developing company Morpho announces that it has unveiled its artificial intelligence-powered image processing technology as an independent software vendor partner solution. 

The new technology was showcased by Morpho during the Inten Evo 2021 experience day event held in Beijing. Morpho’s new image processing technology was shown running on Intel Evo platform-based computers. 

The company revealed its artificial intelligence-enabled auto framing technology that lets subjects always stay focused at the center by adjusting frames. The AI software is also capable of applying various facial enhancement options like skin whitening, skin beautification, small face functions, and many more. 

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According to Morpho, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies across the world to adopt virtual meeting software and other related technologies to meet their business needs that have increased the requirement of better image processing abilities for webcams and laptops. 

The technology also comes with other high-end features like Morpho Video Denoiser that is capable of reducing extra noise in videos, and Morpho Video WDR that automatically corrects the dynamic range of videos during image generation. 

Tokyo-based image processing solutions developing firm Morpho was founded by Shigeo Kagami in the year 2004. The company has raised a total funding of $3.7 million from investors like Nomura Securities, NGP Capital, NTT DoCoMo, and The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners in four funding rounds. 

Morpho officials said that considering the rising demand for in-built PC camera capabilities, Morpho would continue putting tremendous effort in the research and development process for coming up with new and better innovations to help customers shoot the best possible videos from their PC camera.

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