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Microsoft Introduces Notion Competitor Microsoft Loop

Microsoft Loop has workspaces and pages where you may import and arrange tasks, projects, and documents, similar to Notion.

Microsoft Loop, a hub for collaboration that offers a fresh approach to organizing tasks and projects across Office products, is now available for everyone to preview.

Microsoft Loop has workspaces and pages where you may import and arrange tasks, projects, and documents, similar to Notion. Nevertheless, Loop’s shareable components, which let you transform any page into a real-time content block that can be pasted into Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Word on the web, and Whiteboard, are what distinguish the two.

For whoever they are shared with, loop components are continuously updated and editable. If you have a table that you and your coworkers are working on, you can drop that component as a Loop into an Outlook or Teams message, and any changes you make to the table will be reflected everywhere it is embedded or shared.

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Co-creation and collaboration were top priorities in the design of Microsoft Loop. The workspace program Notion, used by companies like Adobe, Figma, Amazon, and many more, has a similar main layout. With basic templates created to help you get started, loop pages are like empty canvases where people can exchange and collaborate.

Loop will even look for all the pertinent Office documents you’ve been working on when you create a workspace, making it simple to add ones you need to manage a project. The Loop preview will allow up to 50 users to update a workspace at once, much like a collaborative Word document or Google Doc.

Microsoft has now made Loop available for public preview, enabling organizations and even individual users to use a beta version of the program. The online app is already accessible to users with a Microsoft Account or Azure Active Directory account, and iOS and Android versions will be made available to consumers and companies soon.

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