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GitHub Launches AI-powered Developer Experience Copilot X

GitHub is adopting the new GPT-4 model from OpenAI and integrating Copilot to provide assistance for developers' projects.

GitHub, the largest collaborative platform for software development in the world, has announced the launch of GitHub Copilot X. GitHub Copilot X is the company’s vision for the future of artificial intelligence-powered software development.

As an AI pair programmer that maintains developers’ focus by automatically completing comments and code, GitHub Copilot heralded the dawn of a new era in software development. In addition, GitHub Copilot, which has been around for less than two years, has already helped engineers write 46% more code and code up to 55% faster.

Auto-completion driven by AI is just the beginning. The GitHub R&D team at GitHub Next has been focusing on GitHub Copilot’s evolution beyond the editor into a readily available AI helper for the duration of the whole development lifecycle. GitHub Copilot X is the result of that.

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In addition to adding chat and voice support for Copilot, GitHub is adopting the new GPT-4 model from OpenAI and integrating Copilot to provide assistance for developers’ projects. Users will spend less time searching and more time learning by getting personalized answers that are grounded in maintainer-written documentation with inline citations.

“With AI available at every step, we can fundamentally rethink developer productivity,” stated Thomas Dohmke, CEO of GitHub. “Throughout the development lifecycle, we are minimizing boilerplate and manual activities and simplifying difficult work. By doing this, we give every developer the opportunity to concentrate all of their creative energy on the big picture: creating tomorrow’s innovations and advancing humanity today.”

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