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Microsoft Announces The Support Of Hindi For Sentiment Analysis

Microsoft announces the support of Hindi in its services for sentiment analysis. Hindi is the most widely used language in India and the fourth most spoken language in the world, thereby allowing organizations to understand their customers who use Hindi as a medium to communicate. With the addition of Hindi, Azure services support more than 20 languages, including French, Italian, German, Russian, Greek, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Danish and more, for sentiment analysis.

Screenshot of Microsoft Text Analytics in Hindi language

According to Chris Wendt, program manager — Azure language services, text analysis gives broad insight into the perception of products to help organizations make corrective actions based on the analysis.

With text analysis, organizations will be able to evaluate the entire documents or even a sentence with a score between 0 to 1 for positive, neutral or negative. When combined with Azure speech-to-text service, companies can also analyze sentiments in audio.

“Underlining our commitment to helping empower every business to achieve more, Microsoft has added Hindi to the already robust set of international languages supported by Text Analytics service. We are helping brands break language barriers and reach out to Hindi-speaking customers to understand the customer’s sentiment about their products, services, and broaden their user feedback reach. With this release, we are bringing in cutting edge cloud services, AI, and natural language processing to deepen the trust between brands and customers in India,” says Sundar Srinivasan, general manager — AI & Search of Microsoft India.

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Natural language processing in Hindi can assist organizations in analyzing feedback, opinions, and other forms of customer support interaction, to shed light on how people resonate with products and services. Sentimental analysis in Hindi by Microsoft is not limited to Azure; organizations can use with on-prem services. To further streamline the process, organizations can display the results in Power BI dashboards for understanding trends in real-time.

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