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Meta’s Social VR platform Horizon hits 300,000 Users

Horizon Worlds mentioned that 10,000 unique worlds had been created since the launch of the platform.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, announces that its social virtual reality (VR) platform named Horizon has crossed 300,000 users. 

The platform has witnessed a ten-fold growth since its launch in December last year. Horizon Worlds and Horizon Venues are distinct platforms for attending live events in VR that use the same avatars and fundamental concepts.

Meta earlier launched Horizon exclusively for Oculus Quest VR headset users in the United States and Canada. Horizon Worlds said in a tweet that 10,000 unique worlds had been created since the launch of the platform. 

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In a recent virtual conference, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg referred to users as “Metamates” and described Horizon World as the heart of their Metaverse vision. 

Meta mentioned, “Rolling out avatars across our platforms is an early step towards making this a reality. We hope your new virtual self enables you to be represented online the way you want – whether that’s to friends and family, your local community, or beyond.” 

Recently, Meta also launched a Personal Boundary feature for its Horizon World and Horizon Venues platforms for preventing virtual avatars from approaching one another within a certain distance, giving people more personal space and making it easier for users to avoid unwanted interactions. 

Meta’s metaverse concept includes VR and Quest, but it also envisions the metaverse as an interconnected digital environment that includes VR, AR, and more traditional platforms, including smartphones and PCs.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Meta is planning to launch a mobile version of the platform to make it more accessible to users and also provide an immersive viewing experience beyond virtual reality. 

Horizon Worlds has not yet started generating revenue for Meta, but the development and increasing popularity of the platform is a positive development for the company. 

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