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Meta’s new Cloud-based API is here for WhatsApp

The new API will make WhatsApp available to any company looking for a quick, efficient, and secure way to communicate with their customers.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, announces the launch of its new cloud-based API for WhatsApp that will help companies grow their business. 

The new API will drastically reduce the time required for digitizing operations and is aimed at businesses of all sizes. 

Promoting businesses over WhatsApp is an effective way of marketing products and services as companies can directly contact potential customers through the world’s most popular messaging application. 

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According to Meta, this API will make WhatsApp available to any company looking for a quick, efficient, and secure method to communicate with their customers. 

“With this new API, we’ve cut down start-up time from months to minutes so businesses and developers can quickly and easily access our service, build directly on top of WhatsApp to further customize their experience and increase the speed at which they can respond to their customers,” mentioned Meta in a blog

Moreover, the services will also save businesses money on server costs and provide them with immediate access to new features. Meta is also working on several advanced features for these companies, such as the ability to organize chats across up to 10 devices to better handle an inflow of talks. 

Meta has clarified that people have control over the businesses they speak with, and companies cannot message people unless they have the end user’s consent. 

Interested users can directly sign up for this service from the official website of WhatsApp or can also connect with one of Meta’s business solutions providers

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