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Man creates an entire children’s book using AI, faces backlash

Social media users are accusing Reshi of using "stolen" images to create the AI-generated art.

A man named Amaar Reshi has created an entire children’s book using artificial intelligence over the weekend. However, several netizens have expressed their disapproval of the same. But social media has accused Reshi of using “stolen” images to create AI-generated art.

In a Twitter thread posted on Saturday, Reshi said he spent the weekend trying out ChatGPT, MidJourney, and other AI tools. He added that by combining all of them, he published a children’s book co-written and illustrated by AI. 

“First, the idea: I wanted a story showing the magic of AI to children. I gave ChatGPT a prompt and went back and forth to refine details and get inspiration for the illustrations. It was like having a constant brainstorming partner who I could ping pong ideas off of,” Reshi said in one of his tweets.

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After that, Reshi took those ideas to MidJourney and tried prompt after prompt till he could get a somewhat consistent style. He said this took him a few hours, but it was a fun process dabbling into all different styles.

Reshi then combined all the elements created and put them together in a book format before signing up on Amazon Kindle Publishing. He made the book cover with the help of AI, too. 

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