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Lenovo AI Innovators Program

Lenovo announced a partner ecosystem to enable its customers to deploy artificial intelligence.

Lenovo announced its new AI Innovators Program for the convenience of artificial intelligence deployment. The program will offer various independent software vendors (ISVs) and customer support for scaling in AI. 

Businesses are now focusing on strategic AI solutions and technologies to unlock more significant potential and efficiencies. With Lenovo’s program, Lenovo’s innovators will deliver cognitive solutions across financial services, manufacturing, retail, and innovative city applications. These solutions enable vertical use cases like predictive maintenance, clinical maintenance, and autonomous shopping. 

Scott Tease, VP and General Manager of HPC and AI at Lenovo, said that the company focuses on the “intelligent transformation to smarter technology” with more innovative infrastructure and business models. He said, “Lenovo’s partner ecosystem provides the full range of support to help businesses simplify implementation across a variety of infrastructures and deploy today’s most innovative AI software.”

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Lenovo AI Innovators ecosystem has welcomed more than 30 AI ISV partners aboard, representing over US$1b in capital investment. Sunlight Technologies is one of the first global partners with Lenovo AI Innovators. They are creating industry-first AI solutions at the edge to turn data into decisions across several platforms. 

Julian Chesterfield, CEO and founder of Sunlight, said, “This partnership allows Sunlight early access to Lenovo’s latest edge innovations for certification and proofs of concepts that mutually benefit our networks of partners, ISVs and enterprises.”

Lenovo’s ecosystem will be a unique one-stop destination for all enterprises leveraging industry-focused services and solutions.

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