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Andrew Ng to launch new course in Machine Learning

The updated curriculum involves all the essential and relevant topics related to machine learning.

Co-founder of Coursera and Google Brain Andrew Ng announces that he is all set to launch his new course in machine learning. 

The course has been jointly developed by Stanford and to impart critical knowledge and skills to learners, helping them build a career in this rapidly growing artificial intelligence industry. According to the information given, the course will launch in June 2022. 

The revised Specialization ML course covers core AI principles through an intuitive visual method. As the course is updated, the curriculum involves all the essential and relevant topics related to machine learning. 

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The previous editions of this course were initially launched back in 2012. It received immense popularity with over 5 million learners and a reputable 4.9-star rating. The assignments of the ML course have also been updated to teach in Python instead of Octave. 

Creators of the online course have included multiple subjects like deep learning, neural networks, deep neural networks, and many others in this syllabus. The course introduces practical approaches to assist learners in getting started on AI projects and building a portfolio for the industry. 

Each lesson begins with a visual depiction of machine learning concepts, then the code, and finally optional films explaining the math. 

An additional advantage of choosing this course is that learners need not have any prior knowledge of mathematics and coding to register for this program. However, someone with a background in coding can also become a part of this course to refresh foundational machine learning concepts. 

Interested learners can register for the program and join the waitlist from the official website of DeepLearning.AI. 

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