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Iteris reveals Artificial Intelligence-powered Detection Sensor Vantage Apex

Iteris’ new artificial intelligence-powered radar sensor Vantage Apex can capture full high definition four dimensional video that can be viewed in traffic monitoring centers or a mobile application. It will aid TMC workers to maintain safety and sustainability in complex traffic networks.

Smart mobility infrastructure management company Iteris reveals its newly developed artificial intelligence-powered technology named Vantage Apex. Iteris’ Vantage Apex is the world’s first full high definition, four-dimensional smart radar sensor that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to carry out its operations. 

The new sensor is powered by Iteris’ high-end machine learning and artificial intelligence-enabled image analytics tool, high-performance computing, and neural network algorithms that enable it to track and identify various vehicles, cyclists, vulnerable pedestrians, and many more. 

The videos captured by Vantage Apex can be viewed at several traffic management centers and also using a smartphone application named Iteris Video Viewer. This cutting-edge technology is capable of capturing crisp 1080p 4D videos with a field of view of over 600 feet. It is also equipped with front fire radar technology that helps it to identify relevant objects accurately. 

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Senior Vice President and General Manager of Advanced sensor technologies at Iteris, Todd Kreter, said, “With the addition of Vantage Apex to Iteris’ market-leading portfolio of smart sensors, transportation agencies now have access to unmatched detection and tracking accuracy of vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists, as well as an HD video display for TMC monitoring.”

He further mentioned that this would help TMC workers to ensure safety, mobility, and sustainability in high-traffic areas. The new Vantage Apex is fully compatible with the company’s cloud-based detection health monitoring system named ClearGuide SPM and another traffic monitoring application, VantageLive. 

Iteris is a Santa Ana-based artificial intelligence-powered mobility infrastructure management firm that was founded in the year 2004. Earlier, the company acquired a startup named TrafficCast through a $16 million deal to strengthen its research and development department further. 

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