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Israel tests AI-powered Floating Solar Panels

The new project is being carried out in collaboration with Israel's national water provider, Mekorot.

Israel announces that it plans to test a new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered floating solar panels system to generate clean energy, reports Nocamels

Developed by Israeli startup Xfloat, the solar photovoltaic (PV) system is meant to move and monitor the sun while floating on reservoir water. The company has developed an intelligent water management system that accurately tilts and tracks water loads and pumps. 

The data acquired from sensors is subsequently refined and directed to a knowledge-based machine learning process for PV performance prediction, and O&M. Countries across the globe are launching new initiatives to generate clean energy as a step to control global warming. 

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Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology is one of a few energy choices helping usher in a greener future. As technology is rapidly advancing, this new system developed by Xfloat is a perfect example of integrating artificial intelligence with existing solar photovoltaic technology. The buoyancy tanks in Xfloat’s technology are organized in a grid of connected vessels that coordinate the rotation of the PV tracking tables. 

“As part of the cooperation, Xfloat’s floating panels will be installed on Mekorot’s water reservoirs,” Shir Azaraf, a spokeswoman for the Finance Ministry, told the Chinese news agency Xinhua. 

The new project is being carried out in collaboration with Israel’s national water provider, Mekorot. FPVs open up land that may be used for various environmental, residential, or commercial uses. 

Xfloat’s technology will also help prevent evaporation from water sources, resulting in lesser chances of droughts in the region. Moreover, it will maintain improved efficiencies over time due to the water’s cooling impact.

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