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SoundHound launches Voice AI Ordering service for Restaurants

The newly launched voice assistant answers every call, eliminating the busy signal and smoothly processing orders and payments using Square's POS system.

Invoice-enabled AI and conversational intelligence technologies developing company SoundHound announces the launch of its new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered voice ordering service for restaurants. 

The technology will transform the way people order food in restaurants by making the process completely digital. 

SoundHound and Square, the world’s most trusted software, payments, and hardware firm, have teamed together to integrate SoundHound’s conversational AI phone ordering automation with Square’s POS systems. 

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The company’s newly launched voice assistant answers every call, eliminating the busy signal and smoothly processing orders and payments using Square’s POS system. 

Bryan Solar, Head of Restaurants at Square, said, “Our partnership with SoundHound allows us to offer innovative and cost-effective solutions to restaurants working with small profit margins and facing multiple challenges—including the high cost of rapid labor turnover and shortages.” 

He further added that this integration with SoundHound provides their sellers with the tools they need to offer a consistently high level of customer service. 

According to the company, SoundHound for Restaurants is suitable for restaurant owners looking for cost-effective strategies to deal with contemporary trends of increased consumer demand for take-out orders. Moreover, the simple and hassle-free integration process makes the solution scalable and deployable. 

Using a natural language interface powered by SoundHound’s powerful conversational AI technology, customers can ask for what they want to order. The four-step deployment process required restaurateurs to link their Square POS to SoundHound for Restaurants, sync to the menu they like the voice assistant to utilize and input the phone number for the system to answer. 

“We spoke with many restaurant operators to develop SoundHound for Restaurants and received overwhelming feedback about the need for automated solutions that help restaurants process more orders and meet growing consumer demands more efficiently,” said the Co-founder and VP of Products at SoundHound, James Hom. 

He also mentioned that their partnership with Square has allowed them to offer the power of conversational AI to organizations that would otherwise be unable to benefit from the convenience and efficiencies of a voice-enabled solution.

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