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Intel and MeitY holds session on Deep Learning

The webinar provided relevant industry experience and use case studies for helping policymakers.

Global semiconductor manufacturing giant Intel, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), National e-Governance Division (NeGD), the Government of India, and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) recently held a session on deep learning. 

It was their seventh session which focused on Demystifying Deep Learning. More than 95 government officials and ten ministers attended the online session meant for government staff and policymakers. 

Intel specialists participated in the recently held webinar targeted for policymakers as part of the company’s Digital Readiness portfolio. The webinar provided relevant industry experience and used case studies for helping policymakers. 

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Abhishek Singh, President and CEO of NeDGD, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, said, “These sessions are not only leading to capacity building but also more and more adoption of technology-based solutions in collaboration with industry experts and ecosystem partners, walking the participants through relevant use-cases and discussing scalable solutions.” 

He also talked about several artificial intelligence technologies like, an AI-based treatment for diabetic retinopathy, as well as E-Paarvai, a tool used by the Tamil Nadu government to diagnose cataracts. During the event, participants also got the opportunity to take part in an interactive and hands-on artificial Intelligence exercise via a gaming interface. A

ccording to officials, the session will host several other sessions regarding emerging technologies like blockchain and others. The prime aim of the sessions will be to provide industry-specific experience to attendees with international and Indian use cases. 

“In the coming times, Deep Learning Networks will help us understand computer memory better. DL will be democratized further to become a standard part of a developer’s toolkit,” said Omesh Tickoo, Principal Engineer and Research Manager at Intel. He also talked about the rising demand for artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies for modernizing robots and other systems. 

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