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India’s first AI art festival to take place in Bangalore

The festival, an initiative of Season of Culture, aims at tackling the climate crisis and strengthening UK-India ties.

India’s first artificial intelligence (AI) art festival ‘FutureFantastic’ is all set to take place in Bangalore. The festival, a Season of Culture initiative, aims to tackle the climate crisis and strengthen UK-India ties.

The festival is conceptualized by Jaaga’s BeFantastic in association with FutureEverything.

FutureFantastic will provide a platform to bring together a host of international artists and creative technologists with an intent to contemplate the nuances of climate emergency.

The festival will display cutting-edge art practices that utilize AI to create engaging artworks. The main motive is to spread awareness about climate change by promoting curiosity. 

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Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, emerging visual and performing artists will develop ideas and co-create artworks through a fellowship program. This will result in a series of artistic commissions at the AI art festival.

The Season of Culture, to be organized nationwide to celebrate India’s 75th anniversary, has a unique series of experiments in transmedia storytelling, which artists bring together from Crossover Labs and Antariksha Studio. The festival is a physical manifestation of the bridge between the UK and India. 

Barbara Wickham, Director of the British Council in India, said the Season of Culture would boost creative collaborations of emerging Indian and British artists and art organizations. It will do so by juxtaposing art with social dialogue and exploring shared global challenges such as environmental sustainability, gender equality, and empowering young leaders of the future through the arts, she added. 

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