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Indian Cyber Security Researcher wins ₹65 Crore from Google

Aman Pandey is the CEO and founder of Indore-based cybersecurity firm Bugsmirror.

Technology giant Google announced in a report that an Indian cyber security researcher named Aman Panday won ₹65 Crore for identifying top vulnerabilities in various products of Google. 

Researcher Aman submitted more than 200 vulnerabilities in 2021, earning him this whopping ₹65 Crore reward from Google. 

The company awarded this amount under its Vulnerability Reward Programs, in which Google partners with the security researcher community to determine bugs in its products like web browser Chrome and operating system Android. 

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Google claimed that nearly 115 Chrome VRP researchers were rewarded for submitting 333 unique Chrome security bug reports. According to Google, it gave a record-breaking $8,700,000 in vulnerability rewards in 2021. Astoundingly, winning cybersecurity researchers donated nearly $300,000 to charity according to their likings. 

Aman Pandey is the CEO and founder of Indore-based cybersecurity firm Bugsmirror. He is a graduate of NIT Bhopal and recently established the company in 2021. Soon after the launch of the company, he managed to become the highest contributing cybersecurity researcher in Google’s VRP initiative. 

Apart from Aman, Google also recognized another researcher named Yu-Cheng Lin, who submitted 128 valid reports to the program in 2021. Google also paid out the highest ever reward, worth $157,000, for finding vulnerabilities in Android in 2021. 

Furthermore, last year Google also created, a public research platform committed to ensuring the safety and security of Google products and the internet. 

Google’s new platform would now unify the company’s VRPs, including Android, Abuse, Chrome, and Google Play, and provide a single intake form. This would considerably help researchers quickly identify and submit vulnerabilities in multiple Google products. 

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