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IBM announces z16 for Transaction Processing at Scale

Organizations can effectively increase their resiliency to present and future cyber threats using IBM z16 quantum-safe cryptography.

Global technology giant IBM announces the launch of its all-new z16 system aimed for transaction processing at scale and the industry’s first quantum processing system. 

According to the company, the launched technology is IBM’s next-generation system featuring an on-chip artificial intelligence accelerator that provides latency-optimized inference. 

The IBM z16 will allow customers to analyze real-time transactions at scale for mission-critical workloads, including credit cards, healthcare, financial transactions, and many more. 

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In addition, the chip is specifically designed to help protect against possible threats that may be used to crack today’s encryption technologies. The chip can process 300 billion inference requests per day with just one millisecond of latency, allowing financial institutions to considerably boost the analysis speed of detecting fraud during transactions. 

Senior Vice President of IBM Systems, Ric Lewis, said, “IBM is the gold standard for highly secured transaction processing. Now with IBM z16 innovations, our clients can increase decision velocity with inferencing right where their mission critical data lives.” 

He further added that this creates enormous opportunities for clients to change the game in their respective industries, putting them in a better position to deliver better customer experiences and more powerful business outcomes. Organizations can effectively increase their resiliency to present and future cyber threats using IBM z16 quantum-safe cryptography. 

IBM claims that its z16 incorporates new artificial intelligence acceleration through an on-chip AI coprocessor to reduce latency and deliver exceptional performance for in-transaction inference. 

The IBM z16 combines AI inference via its IBM Telum Processor with highly secure and reliable high-volume transaction processing. Apart from banking, the newly launched processor can also help multiple other industries to carry out tasks such as loan approval, clearing & settlement, federated learning for retail, etc. 

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