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Huawei GLOBAL AI CHALLENGE 2022 Open for Registration

The challenge is now open to all full-time students enrolled at a higher education institution for a cash prize of USD 210,000.

HUAWEI recently launched the 2022 HUAWEI GLOBAL AI CHALLENGE for students enrolled in higher education and is now open for registration. Jointly held by Huawei Consumer Cloud Service Department, the Jiangsu Association of Artificial Intelligence (JSAI), and Huawei Nanjing Research Center, the challenge aims to invite young developers with a passion for AI and intelligence.

In its interim of three years after commencement in 2019, the challenge has attracted more than 2,500 algorithm proposals from nearly 8,000 teams across 45 countries! Huawei specifically focused on the enrollment of several top universities and colleges from China, given its origin. 

Wang Yue, President of Huawei Consumer Cloud Service Application Ecosystem BU, said that the company aims to inspire global campus talent in an era of “ubiquitous intelligence” to explore new AI technologies with a problem-solving approach.

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Potential contest proposals were assessed by experts on the following criteria: practical value, risk assessment, technical innovation, popularity, and difficulty. They finally decided on three proposals namely, “knowledge-driven spoken dialogue”, “intelligent quality inspection of lane rendering data”, and “CTR prediction through cross-domain data from ads and news feed”.

The contest will include the preliminary and elite final stages. The preliminary stage will end on August 24. The experts will take another week for preliminary review and then announce the selected teams by September 3. Ultimately, the elite stage commences in mid-September. Seven teams shall be selected via an online competition in the preliminary stage, each of whose proposals would enter the elite final. A total of 21 teams for the three proposals will compete for the prize money of US$210,000 via an online competition and presentation. 

The winner will receive US$35,000. The first and second runners-up will each receive US$15,000 and US$10,000, respectively. In addition, four teams will receive honorary mentions and US$2,500 each.

All student developers who are willing to take on new challenges are cordially invited by Huawei to present their best work to a larger audience.

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