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How’s AI changing the fashion industry narrative?

Technology advances are transforming most aspects of the fashion industry, from the initial sketches, to fashion shows, to the individual online shopping experience.

Fashion is one of the largest industries globally. The revenue in the global apparel market is expected to be $2.25 trillion by 2025. However, it’s not the first industry that pops into your head when you think about artificial intelligence.

However, brands and designers that embrace the latest technology to diversify design and production have a greater chance of coming out on top in the fast-changing fashion world. Here are a few ways artificial intelligence in fashion is transforming the apparel industry. 

Trend Forecasting with Machine Learning

Fashion brands are reshaping their product design and development approach by predicting what customers want to wear next. Artificial intelligence in fashion is helping with the same.  Trend forecasting is usually labor-intensive, involving digital or manual observation and data collection from fashion influencers and designers. By gathering data directly from users, brands like StitchFix and Finery can easily access information to plan the styles people will love and the quantities to manufacture.

Stylumia deploys its machine-learning platform to assist fashion and lifestyle brands forecast demand, manage inventory, spot trends to make informed business decisions. Shoppers can also benefit directly from AI during their online browsing experiences. TrueFit uses behind-the-scenes data to help its customers find the perfect fit, whereas B2B solution Virtusize helps brands build virtual sizing tools to raise customer satisfaction and reduce returns.

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Virtual Models for Designers

AI in fashion industry is setting a unique precedent for models. Virtual models not only help designers showcase their latest creations worldwide, but they also help reduce waste by showing clothes that have not yet been manufactured. 

Shudu Gram is a CGI model developed by Cameron-James Wilson, a visual artist, and fashion photographer. Since its creation, Shudu has gained a following of over 200,000 on Instagram. Many of its followers assumed it was an actual human after Wilson launched its online presence, and followers were surprised to find out that Shudu is entirely digital. Now Wilson is the CEO of the world’s first all-digital modeling agency, The Diigitals.

Sustainable Digital Fashion

Fashion is one of the world’s most polluting industries. As a result, several companies are using technology to make fashion more sustainable and eco-friendly. The Fabrikant creates interactive experiences for brands through the creation of photo-real, 3-D fashion designs, and animation. The clothes are never made in the physical world, making this a more sustainable way for companies of all sorts to make a statement without creating a large footprint.

Meanwhile, with Dress-X, one can buy digital clothes for their online persona on social media. One can simply upload a photo of themselves, pay for the garment, and get back an image of themselves wearing the new item. You’ll never see the article in person or hang it in your closet. However, you can give your online persona a makeover while cutting on textile waste in the fashion industry.


It is evident from the above-mentioned examples that technological advances are transforming fundamental aspects of the fashion industry, right from the initial sketches to fashion shows and individual online shopping experiences. Predictive modeling and automation are creating better customer service experiences while the fashion industry is taking innovative steps to reduce waste through digital fashion. With the help of AI in the fashion industry, we will soon be able to purchase a new outfit for our Zoom persona and start sporting the latest in fashion on those remote conference calls.

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