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Howie Mandel Gets a Digital Twin from DeepBrain AI

Howie Mandel enters the metaverse as he gets a hyperrealistic digital twin from DeepBrain AI. Calling it “AI Howie,” DeepBrain AI developed it to be an interactive virtual human. 

DeepBrain AI is a South Korean and California-based company providing virtual human services like recreating late family members’ personas in the virtual worlds. With the identical appearance, voice, gestures, and subtle mannerisms as the real person, these virtual characters are their digital twins. 

The DeepBrain AI team also produced digital twins of South Korean president Yoon Suk-yeol, several news anchors from Asia, and Premier League soccer star Son Heung-Min before working with Howie Mandel.

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Joe Murphy, business development manager at DeepBrain AI, said that the company also develops completely synthetic people called “digital people” and Roblox avatars. However, these technologies are not very advanced, and many companies can do it. But when it comes to the digital twins of real-life people, DeepBrain AI goes through an extensive process of deep learning to clone the voice, face, mannerisms, and even the way their eyes move.

The famous comedian, actor, host, and computer enthusiast Howie Mandel worked with DeepBrain AI to develop a virtual human AI digital twin. Mandel said in a statement, “I am equally thrilled, excited and terrified to finally have the ability of showing up and doing things without going anywhere or doing anything.”

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