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Compose and license royalty-free music with is an AI-based generative music tool which helps content creators to compose original soundtracks for their content, with any licensing hassles.

According to statistical data, there are at least 800 million videos on YouTube and over 2.4 million podcasts on the internet, possibly even more. It is hard to quantify precisely how much audio and video there is on the internet since more content is being uploaded constantly. Most of today’s digitally produced and consumed content, be it YouTube videos, podcasts, audiobooks, or any other, needs good music and background scores. However, finding the right music for videos could be challenging. Luckily, the first-of-its-kind platform in India called leverages artificial intelligence to take the hassle out of composing and licensing music for content creators. Let’s delve deeper into the inception of this innovative AI startup.

An Innovative Music Tool is a generative music tool that helps content creators to compose original soundtracks for their content. Users can specify the genre, duration, pace, and moods they need for their music, and will compose a track within a few minutes that will match your preferences. Moreover, the tool provides customizations like volume adjustments, instrument selection/removal, and adding multiple moods to make your track perfect. The last step involves downloading the track, and the license gets instantly mailed to the registered email address.

The Initial Idea

This innovative AI startup was co-founded by Mansoor Rahimat Khan and Siddharth Bhardwaj, who currently serve as CEO and CTO of, respectively. The founders met at the Entrepreneur First program as part of their Bangalore cohort. Both being musicians and technologists, they wanted to create something for the music tech space. “Upon speaking with more than 200 video and podcast content creators, we found a recurring need for a tool like, which can be a one-stop background music solution for their content. We are an AI-powered music creation tool that helps content creators compose their original soundtracks,” said Bhardwaj. 

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The company launched with a pre-seed round of $55,000 from Entrepreneur First. Further, it built out its MVP using those funds and took it to a few potential users. “We have raised $1.05 million from Entrepreneur First and Redstart Labs, a subsidiary of Info Edge, so far. Our expected goal is to hit $1 million ARR by the beginning of 2023. Being a deep technology SaaS (software-as-a-service) product, we had to raise money to build the product and the tech interface before we could start monetizing it,” says Mansoor.  

Behind The Scenes

Mansoor Rahimat Khan, co-founder & CEO of, is a professional sitar player with 17 years of experience in the recording and live music industry. He is an alumnus of the Georgia Tech Centre for music technology and has, in the past, been associated with several music tech startups such as EDMofy, ACPAD, etc. Siddharth Bhardwaj, co-founder, and CTO, of, is a multi-instrumentalist and music technologist who has been working at the intersection of music and technology for over seven years. Siddharth has a master’s degree in Sound and Music Computing from the Music Technology Group at UPF Barcelona and has extensive experience in signal processing, deep learning, and generative music. 

A Musical Adventure claims to be India’s first and only AI music startup and focuses on regional music from around the world, especially Indian classical music. “The problem with generative music startups in the past has been their black box nature, where the user has to painstakingly edit the tracks themselves in case they did not like it. With, users can incrementally build their tracks by re-composing sections of the composition and tweaking volume, instruments, moods, etc.,” said the CTO of launched in July, 2022 and has seen a steady growth of users trying out the tool since then. The platform now has 15k+ users using the tool, who constantly give feedback and pointers to improve it further. Bhardwaj said, “Building with the customers is one of our biggest strengths. Another thing we are proud of is the team that we have built here. It’s a mix of world-class musicians, engineers, researchers, and designers. Having worked with 200+ artists, we have created new monetization opportunities for indie musicians in India and abroad who were hit badly by the pandemic. In the process, we have raised $1.05 million from InfoEdge Ventures and Entrepreneur First.”

The startup plans to break entry barriers in terms of music and audio creation in general. With its focus on regional musical genres across the globe, aims to have the most sophisticated global music library. “This would lead to many more people creating their own piece of music in the style that they want to experiment with,” says Bhardwaj. 

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