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How SigiloTech helps SME clients scale operations using automation first approach 

SigiloTech is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services, offering scalable solutions for companies of all sizes.

In today’s digital era, technology has significantly shaped and influenced businesses in ways most of us couldn’t imagine just a few years ago. It has redefined how businesses operate, from the management of employees to the delivery of customer service. Even better, high-performing IT teams and efficient tech support for startups have directly impacted business growth and innovation trajectory. 

However, building, optimizing, and enhancing an in-house technical support team can be stressful and expensive for most startups and mid-sized businesses, especially with limited resources. Let’s overview how an AI-based startup called SigiloTech is addressing the latter with its state-of-the-art offerings.


Founded in 2018, SigiloTech is a leading provider of cutting-edge technological services, offering scalable solutions to companies of all sizes. The startup provides technical assistance in domains such as cloud, big data and analytics, and application development. SigiloTech provides training, consulting, and development on Crystal reports, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, RestAPI, JQuery, D3.JS, HighCharts, NPM, MS Forms, and many more. 

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The Initial Idea 

SigiloTech was co-founded by Qudir Ansari and his wife, Tamanna Parvin. Having worked for about ten years, anchoring and supervising multiple transformation programs with Machine First, AI First, and Cloud First in corporate companies like TCS and Infosys, Ansari finally wanted to return to India and create an impactful company in Kolkata. 

Just like any other IT startup, SigiloTech started to solve a problem that the founders believed needed to be addressed immediately. IT resources with quality commitment are rare in current conditions, and SigiloTech started solving that problem with their own expertise in application development. Founded by the couple by scribbling their ideas onto a piece of paper, today, the startup offers intelligent and innovative services to dozens of clients worldwide.

“I’ve been working in IT for almost ten years and automation for the last four years. Being an automation enthusiast, when I started automation, I thought it could change how the IT industry works. Millions of people work in IT, and engineers are forced to do repetitive manual tasks that most of them dislike. My idea was to leverage AI and automation to help more startups and companies cut their operational costs by adopting automation and cloud services,” said Ansari

Ansari added, “Seeing the growth of startups in India and outside, after doing market research, I found that 70% of startups do not have the technical expertise they need in this ever-changing technology-driven world. Seeing this space for growth, we started our company to facilitate such a startup.”

Behind The Scene

According to Ansari, SigiloTech is a completely bootstrapped company. “Profitable since the day it started, our startup is seed funded with an annual turnover of INR 50 million, as per our last quarter,” he said. SigiloTech has built its solutions by closely listening to its potential clientele and understanding their expectations of SigiloTech’s product. The startup analyzes this information and customizes its offerings to changing market needs.

“Big organizations are not willing to work with startups. But we work especially with small and medium-sized startups with limited seed funding. Until now, we have helped more than four startups to build their products and scale quickly. They are now working with clients like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook,” said Ansari. 

Optimistic Future

SigiloTech helps companies of all sizes to automate their manual process, minimizing operational costs and offering scalable solutions using cutting-edge technologies and services. “AI is a very fascinating term. Everyone in the world is trying to solve a problem. We are especially focused on addressing manual labor, cost-cutting, and leveraging cloud services for clients. Moreover, our client retention is 70-90%, which shows the technical capability and value we have created for them. Clients who have been working with us for the past two years still consider us their first option,” said Ansari. 

According to Ansari, SigiloTech is building its own product and is currently pitching its roadmap. “We plan to launch it by next year’s first or second quarter. Besides that, we also plan to double our revenue and the team size on a quarterly basis,” he said. 

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