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Gujarat Forest Department to use AI to identify Asiatic Lions

SIMBA can identify lions based on gender, name, microchip number, life-status, and lactating status information available in the database.

The Gujarat Forest Department announces its plans to use an artificial intelligence-powered solution to identify Asiatic lions in the region. 

The department is using a unique AI software named SIMBA (Software with Intelligence Marking Based Identification of Asiatic lions) to expand its capabilities of spotting lions based on their physical features. 

According to officials, the tool will be used to better analyze population demographics and to expand conservation and management efforts to help Asian lions survive. Individual identification helps to improve conservation and management operations along with ecological elements of the species. 

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Teliolabs, a Hyderabad-based business that develops enterprise software solutions, has built the AI-powered software SIMBA. 

The software can also be used to pinpoint a single lion based on gender, name, microchip number, life status, and lactating status information available in the database. 

Deputy Conservator of Forest, Sasan, Mohan Ram, said, “The SIMBA works with a deep machine learning technique that matches a point pattern for pair-wise, and that automates the individual identification, based on the variability in the individual’s whisker spot patterns, scars on the face, notches on the ears, and other metadata of the photograph.” 

The software can isolate the region of interest (ROI) and segregate them for identification after being trained with enough training data. In addition, SIMBA can be used to create a database with a unique identification number or name. The software is capable of extracting a photograph’s originality and aggregating comparable patterns or marks within the machine learning’s embedding space. 

An advantage of SIMBA is that it comes with a very user-friendly interface, making the software easy to operate. Experts believe that SIMBA can play a significant role in boosting the government’s efforts to conserve the species in the region.

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