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Bosch acquires Atlatec to expand its Autonomous Vehicle offerings

Atlatec provides all of the necessary solutions for data recording, processing, map generation, and quality control.

Global technology and services company Bosch announces that it has acquired high-definition maps providing firm Atlatec. 

The new acquisition will allow Bosch to considerably increase its autonomous vehicle offerings to its customers. Both the companies have signed an agreement to complete this deal. 

However, no information has been provided by the companies regarding the valuation of this acquisition. Atlatec will join the Bosch Cross-Domain Computing Solutions division as an independent company. 

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Digital maps play a critical part in the development of self-driving technology from the outset, and the higher the level of automation, the more tightly map production and driving plan programming must be integrated. 

Bosch says that high-resolution digital maps are vital in making automated driving functions safe and easy to use. Therefore Bosch has acquired Atlatec as it provides all of the necessary solutions for data recording, processing, map generation, and quality control. 

With its own sensor box and associated software, Atlatec has created a scalable solution. This new deal will allow Bosch to reach its goal of developing level 4 autonomous driving vehicles. 

President of the Cross-Domain Computing Solutions division of Bosch, Dr. Mathias Pillin, said, “The planned acquisition of Atlatec further expands our expertise in the field of high-resolution digital maps and makes us even more diversified. It makes Bosch the only company that can offer its customers all the necessary building blocks of automated driving.” 

Digital maps, in addition to onboard sensors with radar, video, and ultrasonic technology, are essential sensors in automated driving. The company’s solution collects raw data and analyzes it using artificial intelligence algorithms to generate accurate maps. An autonomously driving car, for example, can adjust its speed in advance of a tight bend based on the map information.

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