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GPT-4 arriving next week with video support

The new language model will introduce "multimodal models" to provide entirely new possibilities, such as videos.

After much speculation, it appears that GPT-3’s replacement, the language model that drives the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT, will be available soon. The GPT-4 language model would be introduced the following week, according to Microsoft Germany CTO Andreas Braun.

According to Bruan, the new language model will introduce “multimodal models” to provide entirely new possibilities, such as videos. When GPT-4 is released, it may be utilized to enhance Microsoft’s Bing AI-based services and ChatGPT.

The GPT-4 filing should be confirmed by Microsoft’s global staff next week. Nonetheless, the corporation has booked a virtual talk with CEO Satya Nadella on the “Future of Work Rethinking Productivity with AI” for March 16. 

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On March 9 during an event focusing on “AI in focus,” Microsoft Germany CTO Braun disclosed the creation of GPT-4. Marianne Janik, the CEO of Microsoft Germany, spoke during the event about how AI is causing business disruption.

Clemens Sieber, a senior AI specialist, and Holger Kenn, a lead AI technologist for business development and emerging technologies, were also present and spoke about the application cases for GPT-4.

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