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Google software developer builds Bhagavad Gita inspired GitaGPT

GPT-3-powered tool employs the Bhagavad Gita to create answers to your life's problems.

A Google India software developer, Sukuru Sai Vineet, has developed Gita GPT, a GPT-3-powered tool that employs the Bhagavad Gita to create answers to your life’s problems. Users of the GitaGPT app can submit questions, and an AI chatbot will respond by researching the Bhagavad Gita.

Gita GPT’s ability to tailor Bhagavad Gita lectures to the user’s precise questions and requirements is one of its differentiating features. For instance, if a user asks about how to find inner peace, the chatbot can respond with relevant scripture verses and suggestions for how to put them into practice. 

Additionally, Gita GPT can provide guidance on certain circumstances, like coping with loss or figuring out one’s purpose. The OpenAI chatbot ChatGPT recently became very popular online. This prompted numerous businesses to try to join the AI train. 

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Bloomberg claims that a growing number of large and small businesses are making efforts to surpass OpenAI in the field of AI services. The popularity of Microsoft-funded ChatGPT also encouraged Google to roll out its own research chat AI called “Bard.”

Today, Microsoft launched a new version of the search engine Bing, powered by an upgraded version of the AI technology powering chatbot ChatGPT. The company is launching the product promising that it would provide a new experience for browsing the web and finding information online.

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