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Google Launches Professional Machine Learning Engineer Certification

Google introduces the Professional Machine Learning Engineer certification to allow data scientists to differentiate themselves from the rest. Professionals can take the two-hour-long multiple choice and multiple select exam online or onsite-proctored exam to get certified. Over the years, organizations struggle to hire the right data scientists who can work on end-to-end on data-driven projects to generate business value. According to the IT Skills and Salary 2019 report, 52% of IT decision-makers are in need of professionals who can meet their organizational goals and close the skills gap.

Due to the current hype around artificial intelligence, many professionals pursue data science through various online courses. And since data science courses are devised to quickly complete in a few months, learners acquire similar knowledge. This, however, solves only a part of the talent gap problem in the ever-changing field. Data science is not limited to a few libraries and building predictive models that are being taught in online courses. Instead, data science is about framing ML problems with critical thinking, creating effective ML pipelines, optimizing solutions, managing infrastructure, monitoring models’ performance, and more.

Organizations do not need data scientists who can only write certain ML algorithms; today, recruiters focus on a wide range of skills in applicants, which can help companies in developing AI-based products to generate revenue.

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Consequently, there was a need for a methodology to differentiate the best among the rest. Google Professional Machine Learning certification mitigates the challenge by evaluating professionals on a wide range of skills like statistics, ML models, preparing data processes, GCP, framing ML problems, and more.

Although there are no prerequisites to take this exam, Google recommends 3+ years of industry experience, including 1+ years of designing and managing solutions using GCP. To let you prepare, Google is also conducting a webinar and has created a learning path that includes courses to ensure you are well versed before attempting the exam that costs $200.

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