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Google Verse By Verse Will Help You Become A Poet Using AI

Google Verse by Verse will assist you in composing poems by predicting verses according to your inputs. In an attempt to integrate creativity with artificial intelligence, Google researchers released Verse by Verse as an experimental product to leverage machine learning techniques in highly creative tasks. Writing poems require your creative juice to make it thought-provoking as well as impactful. To help your creative juices flow, Verse by Verse suggests you with a pool of possible verses.

The researchers leverage two machine learning models to deliver relevant verses. While a generative model is trained on classical poetry, the other is trained to systematically understand the verses best follow the instructions.

With Verse by Verse, you can start composing poems with classical poets like William Cullen Bryant, Emily Dickinson, Sidney Lanier, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and more. Select any three poets from the list on the website to get predictions in the style of selected poets that act as your muses. You will then be asked to choose the poetic forms, syllable count, and rhyme (if you choose Quatrain as a poetic form). You are now good to start with the first line based on which the machine learning model provides predictions.

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You can either use Google Verse by Verse predicted verses or take inspiration from the generated suggestions to write your own. Below is an example of a composed poem after providing the input as “Poetry flowing through my thoughts.”

“… to be able to suggest relevant verses, the system was trained to have a general semantic understanding of what lines of verse would best follow a previous line of verse. So even if you write on topics not commonly seen in classic poetry, the system will try its best to make suggestions that are relevant,” wrote Dave Uthus, software engineer of Google AI.

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