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Google introduces Translation Hub and two news features in Document AI 

The services were announced at Google Cloud Next conference.

Google on Tuesday said it is updating its AI agent-based technology to add an enterprise-scale translation service and to automate document processing further.  

The services announced at the Google Cloud Next conference are being delivered through two new features in Google’s Document AI offering and a new AI-based translation service called Translation Hub. According to the company, the Translation Hub is an AI agent-based service that provides self-service document translation in 135 languages.

The company said that the service uses a combination of Google technologies such as neural machine translation and AutoML to translate documents, Translation Hub will support Google Docs, Slides, PDFs, and Microsoft Word documents.

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“It not only preserves layouts and formatting but also provides granular management controls such as support for post-editing human-in-the-loop feedback and document review,” said June Yang, vice president of cloud AI and industry solutions at Google.

Using Translation Hub, enterprises can share their translated findings across the world cost-effectively, Yang added. To make document processing easier for enterprises, Google has added two new features to its Document AI services, including Document AI Workbench and Document AI Warehouse.

According to the company, the Document AI Workbench allows enterprises to custom-select the fields of interest while parsing a document. The company said that the Document AI Warehouse feature brings Google’s search technologies to Google Document AI, adding that the feature is expected to make it easy to search and manage documents, including their workflows within the enterprise.

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