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Google Announced Multiple Updates to its Cloud Security Offerings

Google announced multiple updates to its cloud security offerings due to increasing cloud data breaches that pose a challenge for enterprises. Such breaches have resulted in many tools and services that secure working environments and data mobilization. 

Growing industry requirements and concerns about cloud security have started to act as barriers to the growth of cloud investments. Google’s major security initiatives, unveiled at Google Cloud Next 2022, focus on finding ways to overcome those barriers. These updates will cater to supply chains, cloud security, digital sovereignty, and secure collaborations.


  • Software Delivery Shield

Google Cloud is debuting a new product to address supply chain security. This will assist in avoiding picking up or transmitting malware or potentially hazardous data when content is routed through several partners that ordinarily wouldn’t collaborate in the same computing environment.

  • Building new “Sovereign Solutions” to focus on Digital Sovereignty

Google is working with more than 20 companies, including DataIKU, Dell, Siemens, GitLab, and others, to develop their integrations more concretely into Google’s cloud platform for a seamless work experience. The implication is that several of Google’s current and potential clients already utilize one or more of these companies’ services. Integrating them with Google Cloud would provide everything under one roof.

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  • Confidential Space

It is a new product that Google is introducing as a part of its Confidential Computing initiative, a drive to create and offer more secure environments for people collaborating in the cloud and exchanging data by encrypting it. 

  • Focusing on SecOps with the expansion of Chronicle Security Operations

This announcement discusses expanding the software suite to monitor, investigate, and respond to cyber threats. Chronicle was already performing well, but now Google plans to bring more products and services under its umbrella. Google has been acquiring many startups, including Mandiant and Siemplify, to build on cybersecurity in this area. 

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