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Google Cloud launched Its Visual Inspection Artificial Intelligence Tool

Google launched its Virtual Inspection artificial intelligence tool on 22 June 2021. This platform would help manufacturers worldwide to reduce defects and deliver significant operational savings from the manufacturing process. 

In today’s manufacturing sector, quality-related expenses account for 20% of the sales revenue. This artificial intelligence tool will aid the companies in delivering standard quality products to the customers every time. 

The platform uses Google Cloud’s computer vision technology, Visual Inspection artificial intelligence tool automates the quality control process, allowing manufacturers to quickly and accurately identify defects before products are shipped. 

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This platform can generate accurate models with up to 300 times fewer human-labeled images than other machine learning platforms. Google’s Visual Inspection tool provides – 

  • No special expertise is required: Quality, test, and manufacturing engineers can use this platform without any computer vision or artificial intelligence expertise. The built-in user interface guides employees through all of the necessary steps. 
  • Engineers can build more accurate models. Machine learning models can be trained using as few as ten labeled images and will keep on increasing their accuracy over time as they are exposed to more products.
  • Full edge-to-cloud capability: Inspection models can be downloaded to machines and run autonomously at the edge to improve latency. At the same time, Visual Inspection artificial intelligence is fully integrated into Google Cloud’s portfolio of analytics solutions. This allows manufacturers to combine insights from Visual Inspection with other data sources on the shop floor and beyond, for instance, to identify root causes of quality problems or to cross-reference with supplier and customer data.
  • Problems can be resolved faster. Not only does the solution flag defects, but Visual Inspection artificial intelligence can locate and identify the specific defect within each part, which reduces the time spent by engineers to diagnose problems, rework parts, and implement process improvements. 

Kevin Prouty, Vice President at IDC, said, “Google is one of those companies that have the potential to bring together IT, OT, and an ecosystem of partners that manufacturers need to deploy artificial intelligence on the shop floor at scale.”

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