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Stack Overflow Introduces Collectives For Enhanced Developer Engagement

Stack overflow introduced a new product named Collectives. It is a community for technology enterprises to engage directly with developers who use their products. Enterprises will be able to organize discussions around their topic of interest. They can also interact directly with developers to acquire insights into product usage along with answering common questions.

The question and answer website’s Collectives is its second major product, while the Teams being the first in 2018. Teams was also a similar platform, but it was internal and accessible by colleagues and various sectors in the same firm but didn’t communicate with the developers. Collectives provides the access of multiple professionals in the enterprise to answer developers’ questions directly.

Collectives possess centralized topics around a particular technology that can include many subtopics and long-form content and recommendations from people close to that technology rather than focus on small niche topics like the Stack Overflow platform.

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Collectives are pretty similar to the Reddit community, and instead, they are constrained to the topics to which the enterprise is related. The first two Collections are Google Cloud and Go, an open-source programming language by Google. The community is made accessible for everyone, coming at a free-of-cost advantage. At the same time, the paid customers can work closely with the company and will be able to regulate the topics and technologies benefiting the sub-community.

The Collectives homepage is enhanced with a curated list of questions and answers that include various types of content while using the associated tags. One of the features, “recommended answers,” allows companies to find the best answer and assist users in finding solutions quicker. “Articles” is another option that introduces long-form content like how-to guides and announcements. Many other features help bridge the gap between the companies and the developers found on the website.

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