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Artificial Intelligence Solutions Failed during COVID-19 Pandemic

Many research papers are now claiming that artificial intelligence solutions developed during the COVID-19 pandemic did not perform up to the mark.

According to a recent report, numerous different artificial intelligence solutions were developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, but they failed miserably in tackling the situation. Healthcare systems across the globe suffered a huge blow when the pandemic broke out. 

Researchers then developed many artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to aid hospitals diagnose and treat COVID-19 patients. But experts are now claiming that the efforts were in vain as the solutions did not deliver expected results, and also some were found to be harmful. 

An epidemiologist at The Massachusetts University, Laure Wynants, said, “This pandemic was a big test for artificial intelligence and medicine, but I do not think we passed the test. The pandemic has put problems (with artificial intelligence) in the spotlight that we have been dragging along for some time.” 

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Before the spread of the Coronavirus in the western world, researchers tried to develop machine learning algorithms that would help doctors to make informed decisions to treat the patients. 

The United Kingdom’s national data science center Turing Institute had earlier published a report that mentioned that artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions made little to no difference in the treatment and prediction of COVID-19 infections. 

Another research conducted by the British Medical Journal examined the accuracy of more than 250 predictive algorithms and concluded that none of them were able to meet the expectations. 

Bullock J, a researcher, said, “Artificial intelligence systems are still at a preliminary stage, and it will take time before the results of such AI measures are visible. Very few of the reviewed artificial intelligence systems have operational maturity at this stage.” 

The artificial intelligence industry is making new discoveries at a very rapid pace that backs the fact that we would be able to build new platforms that generate accurate results to tackle any future outbreaks effectively.

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