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Friends App One Of The Fastest-Growing Indian App

Since TikTok has been banned in various countries, Friends app has turned out to be a savior for youth.

Friends App, India’s latest venture in the Digital World, has attracted heaps of people within a few days of its launch. The app is growing at a considerable pace. With almost 5000+ downloads already, the number is increasing with each passing day.

The app is a social networking app that lets you post short videos within India and anywhere across the globe.

The Government of India wants to engage the utilization of Indian apps among its residents to give Indian technology an open door and acknowledgment for making the vision of Digital India a reality. The app can be perfectly categorized as a “Made in India” venture, being founded by Manju Patil and Mrityunjay Patil, from Bangalore.

The Friends app is a free and user-friendly application launched in July 2020. It is a single platform to create, post, and share posts.

These days, when all we want is to stay connected to our friends and family, this application will keep you close to your near and dear ones across the world. The best part of the app is that you can watch and share viral videos in your language within seconds. The languages supported include Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, and English. 

Now, when TikTok has been banned in various countries, this app has turned out to be a savior for youth. You can capture fascinating moments in the form of videos, and share it with friends with a single tap! Apart from this, the app also allows you to chat and interact with new people, browse through feed, follow the creators you like, among other things.

The application that is available on the Google Play Store is an all-purpose entertainment platform that works with lightning speed. 

What makes the Friends app even more certain is that you can easily share your created videos and posts on Facebook or Whatsapp. Even the people who do not have the app can see the videos through the shared link.

The Friends app is a splendid platform for all types of creators. From singers, actors, comedians, dancers, and other talented people, the app is a safe space to showcase your talent. The Friends app users can get innovative with the creation of Whatsapp status, videos, audio clips, GIF, and photos.

The application has been trending on Google Play Store for quite some time now. Not only this, but the Friends app has also got a 4.8 rating on the same store.

It is easy to use and offers data privacy. The application is drafted to understand user preferences, and it tries to filter the content according to the user. It means that the app provides personalized content to all its users to curate their feeds.

You can follow your favorite artists from the glam world to funny and viral videos. See the contents you like and get updated whenever your favored artist posts a video.

With almost 5000+ downloads within a month, the Friends app is already trending on the Google Play Store. It is a secure platform for the creation of content. The number of users is expected to rise inevitably in the coming days, making it one of India’s fastest-growing apps.

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Purodhika Sharma
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