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Friends App – A Global Social Networking App

Friends App, a social app, is an Indian platform where you can post short videos. Not only can you share and post videos in India but also share these across the world. One of the best features of the app is that it gives you access to the outer world, allowing you to stay connected to your friends and family. Enabling access globally, one can interact and know more about other cultures. Another great feature is that it introduces a new platform that can be trusted and is reliable for not only India but also across the world.

It is currently available on Google Play store, listed under the Social category, and has secured an amazing rating of 4.8 stars. The app is for indigenous users, for entertainment and movies. You can post your thoughts, feed, blog on your account and classify the language that the video is in. 

Besides that, you can even select the language of the videos that you prefer. Follow the pages and people that you like in order to stay updated with their activities. Not only does it provide a platform for short videos and posts but also can keep yourself up to date with the world affairs. There is a feature named CineTV, which you may be able to see on the home screen. This feature displays short videos from across the world.

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It has been downloaded by hundreds of people now and has gained positive feedback from those who have used it. Founded by Manju Patil and Mrityunjay Patil, Friends App is based in Bangalore. Currently, the app size is 15M, which is quite light and is compatible with Android devices of 5.1 and above. 

We live in a world where many people struggle for what they are trying to achieve. The creative approach of the app might just be the best chance for people trying to do what they like to. The app tries to bring out the creativity that might be recognized somewhere around the world. You can get recognized by some known creators around the world and have an opportunity at something great that you can achieve with this platform.

As mentioned above, the potential of the app is unknown, but there’s almost no way it can affect society negatively. Since it is a platform open to anyone and everyone the content you’ll get is more likely to be authentic and not copied from somewhere else. It is a platform designed for everyone that can enjoy as well as present their talent.

With the Chinese apps on the downfall, people are looking for alternatives all over the world. The best part is, it is not an alternative to any other apps but rather one of its kind apps as it provides a unique platform to all the video creators that are focused on movies and entertainment and much more. This is a unique opportunity for Indians to come together, show their creativity, and grow along, staying updated with the world by introducing this platform on a global level.

Summarizing, it is an overall platform for all the users over the world to present their ideas and thoughts as well as their creativity in a very unique way. It is a trustworthy and reliable app that opens opportunities. Being a form of entertainment and for better interactions for everyone around the world. It’ll be a great choice as it will be a very distinctive approach to everybody.

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