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Farah Fahim Awarded $2.5 Million To Develop Artificial Intelligence-Powered Chips For Data Processing

Farah Fahim was recently awarded $2.5 Million by the United States Department of Energy to further develop her artificial intelligence-powered solution for data processing. 

The Ph.D. holder was given this prize money to work on her self-developed neural network and machine learning platform. Fahim’s solution is capable of converting raw data into high-quality information to overcome the challenge of data transfer bottleneck along with real-time data processing. 

Farah Fahim has become one of the first engineers to receive the Early Career Award for high-energy physics from the Department of Energy (DOE). The engineer has worked in the world’s largest particle physics laboratory to develop a particle detector capable of recognizing the trajectory of protons when they collide. 

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Fahim now aims to build a neural network solution known as ‘artificial intelligence on chip’ to process the vast quantities of data produced during the collision process. Her solution will be able to process the data within the pixel where it is generated rather than sending it to the edge of the chip. 

Fahim and her team plan to use numerous energy-efficient nodes to build a neural network that specializes in detecting particle trajectories in the pixel detector for accurate data classification. 

Fahim said, “The long-term objective is real-time particle track reconstruction. We will contribute one drop of knowledge about how to analyze this information locally and how to transform the data.” 

Her award proves the fact that the industry is looking forward to new innovations in the field of data processing. Farah has been working with Fermilab for the past twelve years and was given the position of deputy head of the lab’s quantum science program in 2019. She is also the head of the ASIC department of the lab that develops artificial intelligence and 6G communication network solutions. 

Panagiotis Spentzouris, Head of Fermilab’s quantum science department, said regarding Fahima, “I am impressed by her entrepreneurial and innovative approach and the fact that she’s not afraid to try new things.”

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