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EdTech company PurpleTutor launches AI-powered Live Classes

The AI-driven live lessons were created with the goal of scaling the platform and closing the gap in instructor delivery quality and engagement.

Indian EdTech company PurpleTutor announces the launch of its new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered live classes for students. According to the company, its new artificial intelligence feature will not only help learners but also teachers by enabling them to effectively impart knowledge to class attendees. 

This is a one-of-a-kind feature as most of the other EdTech platforms omit the role of their teachers entirely and solely focus on student convenience. 

PurpleTutor claims that the AI component operates in real-time, providing feedback to teachers and assisting them in making decisions that are in the best interests of the student, resulting in a highly personalized class experience for the student. 

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The AI-driven live lessons were created to scale the platform and close the gap in instructor delivery quality and engagement. Earlier this year, PurpleTutor, which specializes in skill development for children, received funding from IvyCap Ventures and other well-known investors. 

CEO and founder of PurpleTutor, Gaurav Perti, said, “We have spent the initial few months last year on conceptualization and beta testing. We launched the AI-driven classes from July last year in a phased manner, and now they are inflow.” 

He further added that in their AI-powered live classes, every child would receive identical explanations and exercises from the teacher, preventing the children from developing their own learning path. 

Mumbai-based EdTech firm PurpleTutor was founded by Gaurav Perti in 2019. The company specializes in offering coding/computational sciences coaching to kids in the age group of 6-16 via live online classes. To date, PurpleTutor has raised a total of $300 thousand in one funding round. The company has a sizable operation with hundreds of teachers and over 2,00,000 registered students across the world. 
Interested candidates can book a free demo session from the official website of PurpleTutor.

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