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Detect to deploy T-Pulse, an AI-based workplace safety software with Vedanta

Vedanta has recently piloted the workplace security system across many industries to identify workplace risks and non-compliance.

Detect Technologies announced a collaboration with Vedanta, a leading provider of commodities dealing with zinc, silver, lead, and similar metals, to deploy T-Pulse, an AI-powered workplace safety software across the latter’s industries. Vedanta has a wide spread of contractors and employees across India, Africa, Australia, and Ireland.

Managing health, safety, and environment (HSE) for such a vast and spread-out organization can be challenging. Vedanta has been exploring AI-driven solutions to infuse security and efficiency across its network. The development of T-Pulse being piloted across Vedanta has significantly increased the lucency of workplace risks and early detections of more than 4,000 critical HSE non-compliance cases.

Sunil Duggal, CEO of Vedanta Group, said, “This partnership will further augment Vedanta’s capabilities on technology-led safety enablement. Detect Technologies’ AI and computer vision solutions will help us enhance our digital safety monitoring across all business units.”

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Per Detec, T-Pulse offers a democratized and scalable solution for plug-and-play deployment. It minimizes and mitigates risks by providing actionable insights for caution-intensive work environments like construction, logistics, mining, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, and fabrication yards. 

Daniel Raj David, CEO and co-founder of Detect Technologies, said, “We appreciate the continued conviction Vedanta has shown in Detect and are excited to enable them in their journey towards improvements in ESG and safety compliance.”

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