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AI-Based Voicemod makes you sound like Morgan Freeman in Real-Time

A real-time voice AI-based voice changer app named Voicemod makes your voice sound like legendary Hollywood Actor Morgan Freeman.

After transforming your voice, the voice changer app Voicemod is starting to use AI to make you sound like Morgan Freeman. The app has been changing voices using existing sound design techniques for a long time. More recently, it started combining the use of AI. 

The app allows users to pretend to have a polished voice of an actor, precisely that of Morgan Freeman, calling it the ‘Morgan’ voice. Besides transforming voices, Voicemod’s real-time AI-based pilot makes it possible to prank call your friends or stream live. The voice is recreated due to similar characteristics to the voices of English-speaking actors. 

These voice actors read out scripts to generate data as input, and then sound designers work on this curated data via sound design technologies to convert voices into characters. These AI voices include filters, background music, and dynamic effects. 

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These voices are processed in real-time on your PC. however, getting the Morgan Voice would require more CPU power than the regular Voicemod effects. For starters, Voicemod will open a beta version where you can sign up and test the impact on your computer to ensure there are no performance issues. In further developments, the main version will be made available for Mac.

Voicemod also debuted its PowerPitch technology, allowing users to build a lasting online voice identity for gaming, role-play, work, education, or even regular calls. People can use this technology for amusement and pranks, but it can also help millions of people with vocal abnormalities improve their pitch, volume, and quality.

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