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Deloitte Partners with the University of Sydney Business School on AI

Deloitte partners to develop the AI Fluency Sprint course initiated by the University of Sydney Business School.

To curate a two-week online course designated to assist business professionals with AI, Deloitte collaborates with the Business School of the University of Sydney. The new course demystifies AI, a rapidly-growing tech, for industry experts. There is a lack of proper AI-integrated business practices, and it often becomes a barrier to adopting new technologies. The course aims to counter the absence of AI-fluency among decision-makers.

As per Dr. Sandra Peter, Director of Sydney Business Insights, “AI fluency is not about being able to code or program an AI. It’s about knowing what AI can achieve and how it works, how it can fit into your organization, and how you can develop an AI strategy that creates value in a workplace. We want AI fluency to be rewarding for its people.”

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The partnership is not only limited to the course but also aims to grow Australia’s investment in AI and its potential. Dr. Kellie Nutall, Deloitte Australia’s Artificial Intelligence Lead, said, “AI technologies are still relatively new but highly disruptive for business leaders. Our clients have told us they’re looking for these kinds of education solutions, and we know that one key blocker to successfully scaling AI in Australia is fluency.”

The first AI fluency sprint commences on August 12, 2022. It will focus on real-world case studies related to AI. Dr. Peter will accompany Professor Kai Riemer, Information Systems and Organisations, to deliver this lecture. 

The strategic collaboration was also welcomed by the Dean of the University of Sydney Business School, Prof Greg Whitwell. He expressed, “The Business School is proud of our strong relationships with industry. Our partnership with Deloitte is another fine example of how we re-imagine the future of business education to deliver real benefit and enhance the skills of ambitious leaders through continuous learning.”

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