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D-Wave Launches 5,000+ Qubit Quantum Computing Platform

D-Wave System Inc, a quantum computing service provider, announces the general availability of its superior quantum computing platform, LeapTM. The advanced system can power the development of deep learning solutions and assist in solving complex material science problems.

LeapTM, with 5000+ qubit and 15-way qubit connectivity, is powered with the AdvantageTM quantum system to enable developers to solve real-world problems. The current iteration of D-Wave’s platform is a leap of 3000+ qubit to empower developers to effectively use hybrid solver service (HSS) for quantum computation with classical resources for application developments.

With HSS, uses can run applications with one million variables, up from 10,000 variables in the previous service. Such capabilities of LeapTM uniquely places it in the computing landscape to support a wide range of applications.

Along with the 5000+ qubit quantum computing platform, D-Wave released a slew of solutions: D-Wave LaunchTM and discrete quadratic model (DQM) solver. While LaunchTM helps businesses get started with hybrid quantum applications, DQM enables developers to solve a new range of problem classes. Along with accepting 0 and 1 as variables, DQM solver works with integers (1 to 500), or red, yellow, and blue. However, DQM will be available in general availability on October 8, 2020.

Companies like Menten AI have been benefiting from D-Wave hybrid quantum solutions. Menten AI has determined protein structure for de novo protein design, outperforming other classical solvers. In addition, Accenture and Volkswagen have been early adopters of the hybrid quantum service of D-Wave for developing applications for banking and paint shop scheduling, respectively.

According to a report, 39% of the surveyed enterprises are experimenting with quantum computing, and 81% of fortune 1000 decision-makers have a quantum computing use-case in mind for the next three years. As quantum computing is gaining momentum, D-Wave is striving at the right time to capture huge market share with its advanced computing services and helping organizations solve complex problems.

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