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Clip Studio Paint removes its new AI Image Generator palette after backlash from users.

Clip Studio Paint had announced the new AI image generator tool on November 29.

Clip Studio Paint, which is one of the most popular software for digital illustration, has removed its new AI “Image Generator palette” after significant backlash from its users, according to a statement.

Clip Studio Paint had announced the new AI tool on November 29. The company announced that it had decided to drop the feature only three days later.

“After our initial announcement, we received several feedbacks from the community and, hence, will no longer implement the image generator palette,” according to the statement. “We were so occupied with how generative AI technology can be used creatively that we lost track of what our core users desire from Clip Studio Paint as a creative tool.”

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In the company’s previous announcement about the new AI tool, users were assured that it was using Stable Diffusion, a powerful AI text-to-image model, to power their generator. The company added that they would not be harvesting their users’ work to train Stable Diffusion’s well-developed AI further. 

AI text-to-image generators have been controversial among artists, particularly among digital illustrators, as their models were built by ingesting and analyzing a considerable number of images, many of which were used without the artists’ consent. Illustrators are wary of AI tools even being used as an assistive tool. Hence, there has been a backlash to Clip Studio Paint’s announcement.  

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